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Clinic Reservations

Updates Beginning 11/13/2021

Our system is changing to "first trapped, first served" due to the increasing amount of people not using the reservation system, showing up without a reservation, or because of "no-shows".



We are changing the way our reservation system works. ***Starting for the November 15th TNR drop off***, the reservation system will now open up the SATURDAY BEFORE drop off day. ONLY MAKE A RESERVATION IF YOU HAVE A CAT ALREADY TRAPPED. ONLY 2 CATS PER TRAPPER PER WEEK.

Our updated reservation system is for those that already have a feral cat in a trap (in their possession). When this new system begins on November 13th, if you have not already trapped the cat, then we strongly advise that you delete your reservation and re-reserve a slot after the cat is trapped.

We are changing up the way we do things to 1) Organize our system better and 2) Prevent “no-shows”. By changing our reservation system to only those who have already trapped the cat, it frees up spots for other trappers and it limits the amount of empty slots or overloaded slots from local trappers. This keeps the amount of cats each week to a reasonable number so that cats are not in traps for prolonged periods of time and every TNR cat will get sterilized that week (Animal control cats PLUS trapper cats).

If you end up making a reservation and do not show up or show up without a reservation, then we have created a 3 strike system. You will get:

– One strike/warning (i.e. no cat, no reservation! It’s pretty simple.)
– After 2 no shows/no reservation, you will be under suspension for 30 days from using the TNR program
– After the suspension period, if there is one more no show for a reservation (which shouldn’t happen because the cat is already trapped) or no reservation, then this is considered the third strike and you will not be able to use the NBCCC program anymore

What if I didn’t make a reservation but showed up anyway?

If there is room, then we will add to our max of 15 trapper cats/week, but please reserve next time! You will receive a warning. If there isn’t room, we recommend that you try getting an appointment at a low cost spay neuter clinic (resources on our website). You have the option of leaving the cat with us, and we will try to get them done, but the chances are that they could be here for a week+. When cats are here that long, they are prone to illnesses, anorexia, and more because of the stress. We HIGHLY recommend not leaving cats that long.

What if I don’t have access to Sign Up Genius, it’s confusing, or changed my mind?

We understand that exceptions happen! If you decided to use another program for spaying and neutering or something happened to the cat, you should be able to delete your reservation. If you can’t, then e-mail or with your information and we will delete or add a spot for you. You can also call the shelter at (830) 629-5287 and let staff know that you trapped a cat and need a sign up spot. We are here to help! However, this may not always work in your favor if the shelter is already closed. We have tried to make the sign up as simple as possible, so please attempt to use it a couple of times before contacting us!

The link will be going live before November 13th (Saturday before Nov 15th drop off). We will give a lot of warnings and leading up to this change as a constant reminder:


We hope this helps explain everything better and that you enjoy our new reservation system. There will be a few kinks starting out, but we are doing this all for the welfare and health of the cats! This is our number one priority.

How To Use Sign Up Genius

Here is a list of directions and a video showing how to use the Sign Up Genius Reservation system.


1. Go to and click on “Make a Reservation”. This will take you to the Sign Up Genius form that goes live the Saturday before Monday drop off day.

2. Read through the Sign Up directions/rules in their entirety, and scroll to the bottom of the page

3. Click on “Sign Up”

4. Click “Submit and Sign Up”

5. Fill out required info, digitally sign, and hit SUBMIT

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